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14 Useful tips To Increase Facebook engagement

To increase Facebook engagement or not to increase Facebook engagement… Not to sound Shakespearean but Facebook, apart from being the largest social network is the simplest to use. By just updating your wall people will gather and follow your page to answer and this is the ideal scenario for any company that wants to have a presence on this social platform.

However, most of the companies which have decided to venture on this network have shown a high tendency to give up or discontinue updating their pages when they don´t see the expected results regardless of their frequent updates

And here is the hard truth: nobody wants to hear/read about products all the time because they have been besieged and bombarded constantly with propaganda from everywhere (T.V, radio broadcasts, giant billboards and even on The Internet!). In plain words, people do not come to Facebook to see advertisements, period.

What causes a great fear to many companies is that Facebook (as any social network) has been developed for the users to control, which means they have the power of choose to ignore these “annoying” ads if they want to.

Right, you may be asking this: Is it possible for a company to increase Facebook engagement on their Facebook page?

And the answer is a big YES. All you need is to just create content that is relevant and personal. Henceforth, this article will show some helpful ways to increase your Facebook page engagement and realize that it is not as painful as it seems.


Understand how Facebook Engagement works

Before starting to show you some useful tips to increase your engagement on your Facebook Page, it is essential to understand how things actually work on this social platform.

When you are increasing engagement on your Facebook page, your posts will be showed in the news feed more frequently, and then more fans (and their contacts) will be able to see your posts. But if your posts are not going out often into the news feed, it is a sign that you are getting little or no engagement at all. That´s it.


But for making things easier for you, when it comes to increase Facebook engagement, there are just four things that Facebook is monitoring to see if your fans take any of these actions:

a) LIKE your post

b) COMMENT on your post

c) SHARE your post

d) CLICK a link in your post

If your followers do not do any of these four actions, Facebook will consider that your community is not interested in your content, and then your posts will not receive the “extra impulse” to be showed on their news feed and inevitably your reach will decline.


Timing your posts

The time factor is very important in the world of social networks, so you have to be careful of not posting when everybody is working or sleeping, it is better to update when people are on the road or having their meals. These are the moments that people are more willing to check for updates on social networks.

According to the results of this research, the best time to update on Facebook is between 1pm and 3pm, and the best days are Thursdays and Fridays, so keep this in mind when you   post on your FB page.


Also, another important aspect to consider is how many times you should publish on your Facebook account. Well, let me tell you this and always try to remember it: Quality not quantity is what  counts. So try to post one or two times per day to produce more engagement.


Share images

Did you know posts with images are the most shared on all social platforms? Actually, they increase Facebook engagement approximately  87% compared of course against posts featuring only text.


One of the best strategies to use images for generating more engagement is  offering variety, so try to post different kinds of images (of people, landscapes, quotes, memes, industry-related, etc.) in order to catch your audience’s attention.

Remember the old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, this fits Facebook perfectly. In fact, images (as I  mentioned before) are the most preferred way to generate engagement due to their visual nature; they are explicit, direct and easy to remember.


Simplify your posts

When posting on Facebook, keep length in mind . If your text is too large, your audience will probably just ignore that post no matter how relevant or important the message is, and of course, no engagement.

So to increase Facebook engagement always try to write very concise posts (between one and 40 characters in length) in order to make them more attractive to read and then have more chance of generating more engagement.

And of course, complement those text-based posts with some images, links, and videos to make them even more attractive to catch your audience’s attention.


Call to action posts

Call to action is a measure used by marketers to psychologically manipulate their target audience to take a desired action. And even if this sounds unbelievable, most  company owners or marketers tend to forget about having a call to action on their updates on Facebook.

You should think carefully about what kind of action you want  your audience to take. There are some examples of different kinds of “call to action”: Do you want them to comment? To click the like button? Share the image with their friends?


To help you clarify more this aspect, here are some useful ways to ensure these actions  to take place in order to increase your reach and then begin to improve your brand authority (and your sales too!) on Facebook.

a) To increase Likes: Keep in mind that likes are easier to obtain than comments, but do not underestimate them either. The best-recommended post is the one that can produce or trigger some really good feelings or nostalgia about happier times. So if your post is able to do this, your likes will rise dramatically. Hence, when you have the chance to combine a very good content with a fantastic image do not think twice. Also, the tone is very important, so try to sound casual and friendly on your posts. Remember, the happier you make  your audience with your posts the more you’ll increase Facebook engagement.


b) To boost Post comments: There is a fact that you should know: ALL Facebook users are fond of giving their opinions, so use this in your favor and do not hesitate to ask questions that can help you  understand better what they want. Besides, try to encourage their feedback by answering to every single comment that they post. By doing this, you will reinforce your relationship with them and no doubt, you’ll increase Facebook engagement even more.


c) To increase Post Shares: If you are looking to increase shares, an effective way to do it is using quotes that are extremely meaningful to your audience. It is well known that not every quote can spark actions/feelings; therefore, you have to do some research to find the right quote which would be so good they cannot resist sharing it. Yes, this may demand some time and effort to find the fittest quote, but believe it, the results will be worth the effort.


d) To increase Link Clicks: To post an image that will grab your audience’s attention with the purpose of getting more clicks on it and then boost shares, is one of the best strategies to use on Facebook (it’s a win/win way). Also, if you really want more users to click the link, try to create a bit of curiosity. Instead of showing everything at once, make a sneak peek of the content so your fans will feel some expectation and then click to know more about it. That’s all! Just try to put some effort and creativity on it.



Organize Contests

Contests are a very effective way to boost your engagement on Facebook because they can create an atmosphere of excitement and expectation in your community causing  your visitors to visit your Facebook page more frequently to know who is the winner of the contest, and moreover, no matter who the winner is, this will definitely reward your most loyal fans.

contest increase facebook engagement

So you have to decide what kind of challenge you want to organize, and there many options which you can use. To help you with this, there are some online platforms such as Strutta and Binkd that allow you to create from the simplest to the more challenging contests to increase Facebook engagement.

Remember that the type of contest that you will choose must directly depend on the target engagement that you want from your audience, for example, a “vote to win” contest would give you likes, but not so many comments as the contests that require writing a tagline in the comment box.


Highlight holidays and events

Even if you have ignored this completely before, if you want to increase Facebook engagement it is time to change. Now, you have to be aware of days, holidays, and special events to share them with your community on Facebook. A good and very classic example of this is  International Women’s Day, it is important to share a post or an image to show your company’s appreciation about this day.

special dates increase facebook engagement

By taking into consideration these details, you will be showing personality, concern about the latest trends or recent events that are happening around your brand/company, and more importantly, you’ll make your company/brand seem less mechanical and more human.

In addition to this, be very cautious about the countries on which these holidays apply. Is it celebrated internationally? Is it an American holiday? British? Australian? Because you want to reach to all the members of your community and  not be considered as a rude/careless person by ignoring cultural differences.


Use Hashtags

Using hashtags properly can convert a word, phrase, or even a topic  mentioned into a clicked link. Through them, members of your audience have the option of reaching you by those marked topics/words. Also, you can use them to encourage conversations.


Hashtags are great allies to generate engagement and traffic to your website/post because when any user  searches for a topic that you have already “hashtagged”,  your post will be showed as a result of his or her query.


Be funny sometimes and increase Facebook engagement

Occasionally it is necessary to just have fun, so your company/brand doesn’t  have to be focused on business only because it would make you seem like a machine and that will discourage your followers to connect with you.

So do not be shy and try to share memes, funny GIFs, hilarious photos, and jokes with your followers. Contrary to what it may seem, humor can receive high engagement.


However, be careful with what you are posting! Many companies have made HUGE mistakes  attempting to be funny, but causing  a big disaster instead that was offensive towards their audience.

Before posting a joke or photo that is supposed to be funny, ensure by doing some research that it will be appropriate for your followers so  your company/brand can receive a positive impression (reflected in engagement).


Facebook´s 70/20/10 rule

Have you ever heard about this golden rule? Nope? Pay attention then!

The 70/20/10 is a Facebook posting rule which says that  70% of your posts must show value through relevant articles, eye-catching images, questions and trending news. The following 20% needs to be formed by answers/feedback and content from other people, and the final 10% should be to promote your company’s services/products.

Using this golden rule will give your posts on Facebook a very good balance and they’ll generate more engagement with your followers. Therefore, use it diligently and take  advantage!


Use Facebook tools

Facebook is a complete social platform that has its own useful and simple tool that can help you  analyze your company/brand performance. That tool is Facebook Insights.

It is important to check the performance of your page to determine what is actually working and what isn’t, to do the necessary adjustments to improve and obtain the desired results.


Nevertheless, there are many online tools which  you can use and are equally useful to monitor and check your page’s performance. Tools such as, Hootsuite, Google Alerts, Social Mention, SproutSocial, and others, can be really helpful to browse trending topics and manage your social accounts in such a way, that you will able to supervise properly your actions and always stay focused on the main purpose of generating more engagement from your target audience.


Ask questions

Asking questions (like “What is your favorite web design?”, “What do you think about global warming”, “Do you think religion is related to terrorism?”)  Making people  think  about a trending topic, or even about something fun will spark up  the engagement of the users to express their opinions, compare impressions, or give some advice too.


Not only this will help you to promote interaction within your community but it will also give your brand/company a human appearance by showing your concern about actual trending and important topics and also to hear your community thoughts in relation to such themes.


Share some knowledge

Another way to increase engagement with your audience is by sharing some knowledge. Tell them about recent stats, last research, and facts that probably might be unknown to them.

It does not have to be related or relevant to your industry; the main purpose of this is  just to promote conversation on your Facebook community.

By posting facts like, “Did you know that Facebook is the biggest social network with 1.59 billion users?” “Did you know taking naps will improve your productivity?” You, without a doubt, will generate more engagement and give your Facebook account a human touch.


Be authentic and enjoy

The last strategy is to be authentic and enjoy  interacting with your community!

So try to transmit to your community that you are really interested in knowing them and that you truly care about them. Show them, without hesitation, that you are always willing to help with anything  they need in a very friendly way and bring them a positive and unique experience in your community, this will increase Facebook engagement and they will come back to your page for more.

In conclusion

The largest by far social network on the face of the planet is  a goldmine for any company that has a clear vision about how a community should be managed in order to increase Facebook engagement.

Remember that times have changed dramatically and your brand/company has to do a great effort to interact with your potential customers. It is not only selling or promoting your products,  everything is a question of showing your community that you and your work team are human beings like them.

And definitely, you have to enjoy it if you want to stay for a very long time on the market and keep an active community on Facebook.