5 essential skills that great link builders know

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April 4, 2016
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5 essential skills that great link builders know

Think that building links is all a good link builder needs to do? Contributor Julie Joyce lists the five critical tasks that separate the great link builders from the mediocre ones.

backlink-detective-search-ss-1920Awhile back, I wrote an article about how link builders need to do more than just build links. It’s not a novel concept at all, at least not among people who understand that nothing should exist in a bubble in SEO or marketing.

However, no matter how hard Google cracks down on poor linking practices, linking itself is still essential. You have no idea how many business owners say to me that “we’ve got everything working right except for the links.” And they still assume that if we just throw about 10 links at their site, they’ll shoot up from page 3 to spots 1–3. Sometimes they’re right, but most of the time they aren’t.

As a person who specializes in links, I often find that my opinion isn’t welcome when it comes to anything outside of link building. I did technical and general SEO for years before getting into link building, so I know that links don’t solve all problems and they can easily create further trouble if done improperly, depending upon how much risk a link profile can tolerate. For that reason alone, in my opinion, it’s not just nice if a link builder knows about more than links. It’s absolutely critical.

So what do they need to know and understand in order to do the best job possible? Here are my (current) top five.

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