About US

About us

AdNika was set-up simply to act as an outsourced full-service revenue generation department for our clients. We work across multiple technologies to ensure our customers get the highest consistent revenue streams possible, while maintaining a high-level user experience.

We take a headache away from constantly testing Exchanges, SSP’s and AdNetworks to get your inventory monetized, we do the optimizing for you. Don’t just settle for one or two platforms to monetize your inventory when you can have the AdNika professionals use them all for you.

Every inventory monetization platform works differently for the same inventory, AdNika knows the secrets of the trade and how to get the most out of each one.

The AdNika helps publishers succeed online

We connect Publishers to brands and agencies with under-the-radar, but battle-tested experts, marketing technology and services

Publisher Revenue Optimization
We help publishers monetize multicultural and global inventory better than anyone. Increase your site’s eCPM with us today! Direct Campaigns Global Demand Real-time Campaigns Standard & Rich Media.
Social Media Marketing Management
We develop and execute social media strategies for companies and brands across multiple industries, from Fortune 500 B2B and large consumer brands, to sports teams and leagues, athletes, celebrities and entertainment brands.
Influencer Marketing
Word of mouth marketing with the scale, ease and predictability of a digital ad buy. We drive brand awareness and audience engagement by focusing on authentic influencer endorsement which enables brand messaging to be delivered with contextual & cultural relevancy as editorial on blogs and sites. Our comprehensive database of over 12.5 million influencers, journalists and bloggers and their technology allows us to connect branded content to the right influential storytellers on a massive scale across many relevant niche topics simultaneously; providing the critical mass necessary to push the content to go viral among the targeted audience.