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We are your GO TO Media Partner when it comes down to Performance-Based Advertising. Adnika gets you media from many different channels, takes away risks and is entirely transparent and honest. With our Data-driven marketing solution, we not only accomplish media goals but also bring in ROI.

Running a successful campaign has never been so easy!


Acquire users from across the globe

Reach a clearly stated/particular audience in any country and amplify your advanced ROI over numerous verticals.







High performing ad formats for better user engagement

Look over a wide assortment of formats to find the best ad for your campaign goals.

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Our benefits for advertisers

Discover the advantages of working with AdNika


Advanced optimization and targeting system

Intelligent algorithms for high-quality conversions

Engaging with the right audience in right place with the right solutions based on advertisers’ KPIs and marketing objectives delivers fully enhanced ads that yield the advertiser’s result.

Adnika has this ability to target your audience by geo, language, OS, browser, sites, device…to receive exactly the traffic that you desire in order for you to introduce your products and services to your audience and obtain maximum revenue and ROI.

This is our manifest and our key targeting features include:

Geographic location: Country and City
Device: Desktop, Tablet, Phone
Connection type
Mobile carrier
Operating system: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
Day of week Frequency capping

Pricing models and conversion tracking

Wide selection of advertising models for performance and Data-driven campaigns.

CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS are our most popular performance advertising models. Thoroughly understanding that every client comes to us to get visible campaign result we consider these sorts of ad campaigns to be most appropriate and win-win.

Our tech team is proud to be extremely proficient in conversion tracking set up. We provide each advertiser with real-time statistics reporting to control the campaign performance and optimize it by filtering the sources.

CPM is a solid match for affiliate marketers, advertising agencies, and ad networks. You additionally will have the capacity to set up any targeting and control the effectiveness of your campaign closing the poor performing traffic sources. Our inventory is also available for sale at fixed CPM rates.


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