About us

To practice what we preach is important. We at AdNIKA believes in putting our customers first is the key to growth. AdNIKA enables our partners to receive both a wider perspective and more in-depth sophisticated solutions. Because we all know growth isn’t just about great inbound marketing—it’s about the entire customer experience. It's about YOU.

AdNIKA solutions are designed for customer-centric agencies, service providers, and resellers that want to learn, grow their business, and use the best technology. It’s a good fit if your business:

1: Provides consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer service strategy.
2: Provides tech implementation that handles CRM, systems integrations, or IT services.
3: Provides hands-on services in marketing, sales, or customer service.



We belive in


We thrive when our customers grow. We live and breathe growth. We dream about growth. We believe in the Human 2 Human approach and we do our utmost to be nice to our earth, each other and to our precious customers.


Leave no one behind. At AdNika we are teamplayers. Without eachother we are naked. We take great care in supporting and including eachother and always have a dynamic approach to the set-up of our teams.


We are not easily scared and we are rebels at heart. We take brave decisions and connect to facts and data. Brain and heart go hand in hand.


Life is short and work takes many hours of our awake time, there fore having is important. We make room for fun. We create opportunities and dance on the tables.


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