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CRM & Marketing Automation - Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it’s a methodology to connect with your customers. A supporting technology to increase engagement, stay relevant to both prospects and existing customer. A perfect bridge between Marketing and Sales. CRM gives you focus. AdNika is a proud Hubspot partner and we’re CRM experts. We set it up for you. We deliver Marketing Automation so you can focus on strategies. We set up workflows. That's when automation starts. We break down those walls between departments to ensure the customer stays in the Spotlight!

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CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing Automation

Automation is the new era of marketing. It's very clever. This is marketing, redefined. Today’s customers rightly expect more. Seamless experiences in every channel. Offers perfectly matched for them. That’s what one-to-one engagement is all about. We help you get there with our tailord process: 1. Shed your one-to-many segmentation mindset, it's dead. 2. Move away from channel and product-driven targeting 3. Shift from scheduled push campaigns to an always-on model 4. Engage with customers during precise moments of need. 6. Secret sauce and a creative approach so the customer really feels you.

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Uncover more new leads in less time.

With our CRM tool of choice, HubSpot, we give you optimized leads. What does that mean? Another buzz word? No, actaully what it means is that the leads you're targetting will, with a proper workflow and defining of personas, be much more spot on. We leave chance behind. And that is optimization. If you set you're intentions right from the begnning, the result will be richer. Better leads. Less budget spent. We will guide you, coach you until you're to let go.

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