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As a HubSpot partner AdNIKA offers a full-stack software for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service, with a top shelf CRM at its core.

They are powerful alone but even better when used together.


Growth Check-up

BUILD your GROWTH ENGINES. Growth is a mindset. Followed by new routines and breaking down the silos, the journey to success starts with a creative data approach. Data is on everyone’s lips but without a clear vision or North Star, data is just figures and a reactive analytic approach. AdNika gives you the power to be proactive by letting your data and KPI’s be where you want them to be. We customize smashing dashboards that will make any management team jubilate. AdNIKA creates the platform for your growth, sustainable growth, the right growth. We hold your hand long enough till you can do it yourself. AdNIKA is a team of experienced marketers, strategic brains, data lovers who are fearlessly creative, willing to measure everything. We get sh*t done and we never give up!


Sustainable Growth. Smashing Dashboards Tracking Pixels. Creative Analytics Handholding


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With tools that make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with Growth Marketing has never been easier

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  • AdNika helped setting up a new dgitial channels, like webstie, to attract more customer and leverage the brand of Sea Technology. We are very satisfied and we will continue with the setting up of lead gen, marketing automation and performance marketing.
    Bengt Lundquist