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Monthly Ad Spend

5,000-30,000 Kr

One Time Setup Fee:

8,000 Kr

Management Fee:


You want to start your social media campaign with a small budget to see the value and grow into overtime.

Platforms Included: Facebook & Instagram (1,000 Kr per Additional network)

Number of Ads a Month: 2-4

Number of Conversions setup: 1

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Monthly Ad Spend

30,000+ Kr

One Time Setup Fee:


Management Fee:


Leverage a planned cadence to run a social media campaign with high tempo A/B testing to enable your team to sell more often.

Platforms Included: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter

Number of Ads a Month: 4-8

Number of Conversions setup: 2

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Custom Plan

Monthly Ad Spend


One Time Setup Fee:


Management Fee:


You want a custom package with a flexible social media marketing pricing model so you get exactly what you need.

Platforms Included: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter

Number of Ads a Month: Unlimited

Number of Conversions setup: Unlimited

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Initial Onboarding/Campaign Strategy Plan (Impressions, Leads, Purchase, Installs)

Social Ad Account Creation

Targeted Audience Creation (Behaviour, Interests, Job role,etc)

Conversion Tracking Integration/Installation

Pre-Launch Campaign Review

Social Media Retargeting

Custom Ad Scheduling

Geographic/Persona Targeting (And Exclusions)

Social Channel Optimization

A Copy and Creative Optimizations

Geo-Specific Optimizations

Transparent Reporting – impressions, clicks, form fills

Conversion Based Bidding Optimization

Retargeting Campaign Optimization

Campaign Progression Reviews Monthly

Dedicated Social Media Advertising Manager

Ecommerce Conversion Tracking : GET A QUOTE

More than one Conversion Tracking : GET A QUOTE

Content Production : GET A QUOTE

Photography or Graphic Design : GET A QUOTE

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Free Growth Checkup

Free Growth Health Checkup

To begin, We’ll conduct an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your business and identify your growth potential. We will go over your marketing and sales data, look at your customer retention, churn, and growth rate, as well as your current revenue. We will identify if there are problems in your processes that are causing your sales results to lag behind.

We strive to be quickly and efficiently provide you with the big picture, a bird’s-eye overview of where you are right now, and where you can be.


 Business Goals KPIs  Sales Strategies and Goals  Marketing Strategy and Goals.  Sales and Marketing Alignment.  Technology Stack.  Customer Journey.  Measurement Dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure we answer all of your questions.

Besides offering the best and most transparent pricing in the industry, our specialists have years of experience managing budgets from a few hundred dollars, to six and seven-figure ad budgets. They have completed rigorous training, and have earned Facebook’s Certification. They know what it takes to get real results for our small business partners while finding ways to save them money.

We will charge you only for managing your Social Media ad campaigns. We will not bill you for the ad spend, but only for developing and managing your Social Media advertising campaign. In general, we recommend spending at least 5,000Kr on any paid advertising campaign to build traffic and conversions.

However, typically, the more you spend, the more results you will get. We have many clients who spend thousands of Swedish Krona and dollars on traffic and conversion advertising campaigns. We will consult you on what your ad spend budget should be once we know your goals.

There is a one-time set-up fee associated with our Social Media Marketing service. This fee compensates us for the time it takes us to set up your Social Media ad account. It includes setting up your Facebook Ad account and billing, performance reporting dashboard, Installs tracking pixels, connects your Ad account to your Google Analytics, and creating 1st party audience data for retargeting campaigns.

Our Social Media marketing monthly management fee starts at 7,000 Kr and increases based on the spend and work associated with your campaign. On average, most clients pay us a monthly fee of 15,000 Kr for their Social Media advertising campaign management. Please note that this price is our fee to manage your Social Media advertising campaign. It includes the development, management, and optimization of your campaign. It does not include any advertising money to run paid ads on search engines. This money compensates us for the time it takes to manage your campaign.

You will have a well-trained and experienced Social Media advertising manager assigned to your account who will run your campaign and report the results directly to you. The value of this service is that it will save you time and money while making sure that your ad-money is well managed. This will allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

It depends on your budget, goals, timelines, and resources. More money does not always equal more results. Our packages are priced to grow with your company.

A quick consultation with one of our experts will give you the information you need to know which package to start with, and set goals for continued growth.

At AdNIKA, we believe in having transparent pricing models so that you can have a complete understanding of the ROI of your Social Media Ads. We strive to keep costs down and pass big savings to you.

We utilize an ad-management pricing model that is designed to fit your budget and your goals. We always distinguish between your ad spend and our management fee, so you always know where your marketing budget is going. In addition, we only bill you the fee for having one of our Social Media Ads experts optimize and run your campaign. You pay Facebook or Linkedin directly for your ad spend, from an account in your own name.

  • You want to see the value and get your hands on before making an investment
  • You want to start with something small to grow into overtime
  • You have never run a Social Media campaign before and want to test it first
  • You are struggling to convince your manager, and need to build a case based on internal usage and performance You have no big budget in the short term
  • You want to leverage a high tempo Social Media Advertising campaigns to grow fast
  • You want to enable your team to sell more often and to more profitable ideal clients.
  • You want to set the focus on bringing more potential leads and customers and drive your company’s profit.
  • You want to A/B test multiple ads and creatives based on different products and services.

We can typically commence work on your onboarding one to two weeks after contracts are signed.

Onboarding takes between 1 and 4 weeks depending on what plans you choose, your specific requirements, and your team structure.

Contracts are for 12 months, but you can get out at any time with 1 months’ notice.

Hear From Our Precious Clients!

  • AdNIKA provided us with their Inbound Sales and Marketing solutions through Hubspot. They helped us generate more qualified leads for our sales team, drive website traffic, increase customer engagement, and grow our customer base. AdNIKA is a reliable partner that has always taken our specific goals and needs seriously.
  • I am an artist, but I also manage a collective of DJs. In order to promote a full-service solution to our clients, we needed a new website that could attract the right traffic and promote the brand. AdNIKA built and designed our latest website which helped us attract many more customers. I’m very happy! 
    Denise Lopez
    XOXO Agency
  • AdNIKA helped Sea Technology with setting up new digital channels, such as Google Search Ads, to attract more customers and leverage our brand. We are very satisfied with the results and we will continue with the implementation of lead generation, marketing automation, and performance marketing.
  • AdNIKA has helped us plan, implement and optimize ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. AdNIKA is truly committed to Performance Marketing. They provided us with a fantastic dashboard with detailed KPIs that helped us track the campaigns’ performance in real time. AdNIKA also gave us helpful and dedicated support during the whole project, and the campaigns turned out to be a great success. We highly recommend working with AdNIKA’s growth experts.
    Christer Pihlqvist
    Kapi Marketing

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