Maximize your investments on google ads with directed search advertising with us!

AdNIKA delivers quality traffic to your site through Google Ads (SEM). Our experts are certified in just Google Ads and know how to optimize campaigns and build world-class strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM for us at AdNIKA?

We use SEM such as Google Shopping or Adwords to make your brand stand out from your competition. We use bidding strategies that will make your brand more visible to the most attractive clients. We will place you always where your customers are.

How do we work with SEM?

AdNIKA helps you as a customer to market and build your brand and at the same time, helps you improve your results. We have developed a process made of 6 simple steps:



Keyword Analysis
We always start with a keyword analysis. We look at which keywords best represent you and your business and what your customers’ search profiles look like. We also look at specific traffic volumes of keywords.

Campaign Analysis
We analyze your existing campaigns and set the strategy to reflect your website and your brand. If you do not have any existing campaigns, we will build and structure them based on your brand and website.

Competitive analysis
We at AdNIKA always do a thourough competition analysis to see how your competitors are positioned with their bids. We identify the right competitors and the strategic keywords to compete for.



Structure of account
We review the very structure of your account and build it to reflect your campaigns and brand. We also look at how the account should be set across several different countries through international structures.

Account settings
We work to ensure that your account settings are correct and that you have the necessary tracks and measurement codes installed and configured correctly. We then look at whether you should have more options in your account.

Account development
SEM requires continuous work so you need to keep your account constantly up-to-date in order to respond to any changes both in the competition and in your own strategy. We at AdNIKA always keep your account up-to-date to maintain the same standard all the time.



Account strategies
We develop new strategies for your account so that it always holds the same standard no matter how many changes there may be. This could be because, for example, a competitor has bought new keywords or your brand is changing.

Campaign strategies
We build a strategy on how your campaigns should be designed and how your ad texts should be in order to maintain the best possible standard and hold current placements.

Bidding strategies
Together with you, we develop different strategies on how to bid for your keywords. This is to be able to maintain current investments and also to outperform your competitors.



We work with your campaigns on a ongoing basis to constantly find the ones that convert best. We compare different campaigns and identify which ones are the best fit.

We produce ad content and always work to ensure that the best ads are displayed at the right time and place. We constantly look at and monitor which are your competitors’ ads and produce better ones to give you more conversion.

We continuously find new keywords and exclude keywords that have no value or are completely irrelevant to your brand and products.



Ad texts
We design selling and good ad texts for your ads. This is by looking at, among other things, how your competitors have done and what your prospective customers’ search profiles look like. It is important to have clear goals in your ad texts.

Text content in addition
We design a variety of ad extensions and write text content for them. This is good since your ads will stand out from the crowd and can lead to more of your prospective customers actually clicking on them and converting.

Text content on landing pages
In cases where you need to build external landing pages or develop existing landing pages, we help develop them and produce textual content for them so that they are matched with your ads and campaigns.



Our reports give you an insight into, among other things, how well your campaigns and ads have converted. This is good as we can see if our work with specific ad texts or landing pages has paid off or not.

Cost per click
You will be able to see how much you paid for each click on your ads. This will allow you to know if you think you are paying too much considering the conversion rate or the number of visitors you have received through your ads.

Campaigns that have performed best
In our reports you will also see which campaigns produced the most visitors and converted best. That way we can develop them further to make them even better or build new campaigns that perform at least just as well.

Hear from our precious clients!

  • AdNIKA provided us with their Inbound Sales and Marketing solutions through Hubspot. They helped us generate more qualified leads for our sales team, drive website traffic, increase customer engagement, and grow our customer base. AdNIKA is a reliable partner that has always taken our specific goals and needs seriously.
  • Being not only an artist myself, but I also manage a collective of DJs. In order to promote a full-service solution to our clients, we needed a new website that could attract the right traffic and promote the brand. AdNika built and designed our latest website which helped us attract many more customers. I’m very happy! 
    Denise Lopez
    XOXO Agency
  • AdNIKA helped Sea Technology with setting up new digital channels, such as our website, to attract more customers and leverage our brand. We are very satisfied with the results and we will continue with the implementation of lead generation, marketing automation and performance marketing.
  • AdNIKA has helped us plan, implement and optimize ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. AdNIKA is truly committed to Performance Marketing. They provided us with a fantastic dashboard with detailed KPIs that helped us track the campaigns’ performance in real time. AdNIKA also gave us helpful and dedicated support during the whole project, and the campaigns turned out to be a great success. We highly recommend working with AdNIKA’s growth experts.
    Christer Pihlqvist
    Kapi Marketing

We at AdNIKA really breathe digital marketing.

With over 25 years in the industry, we know exactly what you as a customer need, and we can deliver it. Our focus is always on keeping you satisfied with our work and making sure you get the visibility you deserve.

Säg hej till Isac Steinmo - Business Development Manager & Inbound Sales Specialist -

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