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What is Search Engine Optimization for us at AdNIKA?

Search Engine Optimization is an essential technique within digital marketing. In Sweden alone, about 50 million searches are made on Google every day. This is why it is crucial to absolutely make sure that your company’s pages show up in those search results. This will enhance your visibility which in return will help you increase webtrafic and leads.

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When we at AdNIKA work with Search Engine Optimization and follow all the different guidelines that search engines such as Google and Bing have produced. For simplicity and efficiency, we have divided the process into 6 simple phases.

PART 1: Analysis work

Keyword Analysis
We start with keyword analysis to see how and what your customers search for, and where your website is located in the search results of the different search engines. We identify the best keywords in your industry and submit to your suggestions on keywords that will improve your ranking for your website and business.

On-page analysis
We do a comprehensive on-page analysis of your website and identify all issues that might affect your ranking on search engines. We will then provide suggestions on how to resolve them and improve your search visibility. Specifically, we go through both technical SEO and your text content.

Competitive analysis
We perform a competitive analysis where we look at how your competitors place themselves in the search results and make suggestions on how you can outrank them and gain the top spots. For example, we identify what keywords or search phrases they have targeted, as well as what placements they have reached.

Off-page analysis
We look at your current Link Profile and map which links are good and bad for your website. We also look at whether there are other relevant websites with a higher Search Engine Authority that you can get links from to increase your own authority.

PART 2: Optimization

By working with your text content we can include important keywords and search phrases in your text. We will also make sure your site has the right headlines and paragraphs that are SEO friendly.

Technical parts
We look at how your website is structured and track how your visitors behave on the site to identify problems and solutions. We also make sure that your search results look better with, for example, structured information that follows the search engine’s guidelines.

We constantly work to make sure your website maintains its search visibility. This includes everything from textual content and images to navigation optimization throughout your site.

Mobile-friendly SEO
It is important to have a website that is well optimized also for handheld devices. We make sure your website operates perfectly following all SEO guidelines for handheld devices.

PART 3: Ongoing work


Conducting analyzes
We work continuously with scheduled analyzes to identify issues and implement changes to fix any deficiencies.


New proposals
We give you suggestions on how you can increase your visibility even more with through specific investments you can make. For example, we might suggest to start a blog with a specific type of content or suggestion changes to other external factors that can support your Search Engine Optimization.

Continuous optimization is one of the most important activities to get a successful search engine optimization for your website. We make sure that your website is fully optimized according to all different guidelines and new trends in order to maintain competitive placements on search results.

Continous contact
We always keep in close contact with you as a customer and are completly transparent on what we are woking on. We want you to always know exactly what you are paying for.

PART 4: SEO content


Amount of text content
Search engines want to give their users a good experience and, therefore, the amount of text plays an important role. We look if your site has rich text content that performs well on every page of the site.


Relevance of textual content
To rewrite several phrases that don’t have any affiliation or relevance to what the website or brand needs to convey is not recommended. We help you review all text relevance on your website.

Placement of text content
It is important that you place your text content well on your website and that you have the right headlines and body text. At the same time, it is important not to hide text behind items such as images or similar files. We at AdNIKA help identify these potential issues.

Implementation of textual content
We can assist with some copywriting and help you to write really good text content that is focused on your brand and customized for the search engines.

PART 5: SEO Reporting


Keyword Placement
In our reports you will get deep and in-depth reports on how your keywords are placed in the search results. With the help of these reports you can see if something or some keywords are placed worse and in this way we can help you increase it.


Where visitors come from
In the reports you can also see where the visitors come from purely geographically.This can be a good part if you work with, for example, local search engine optimization. And at the same time if you are targeting other countries as well.

Number of visitors
Knowing how many visitors you have each month and whether this is increased is important to us. In our reports you can see just how many visitors your site have and has. And in this way we can work to increase it.

Most visited pages
In our reports, we also show which pages on your website are the most important visited. This is an important part of the report as it shows us if we have worked a lot on a specific page whether it gives a result or not.

PART 6: SEO Strategy


Strategies over on-page SEO
We further develop the already existing search engine optimization on-page strategies over your website to ensure that the requirements are followed and worked on in order to maintain and increase current keyword placements.


Strategies over off-page SEO
We further develop the external factors for your website SEO in order to ensure that relevant and authorized websites link to you. And ensure that no harmful links come in.


Strategies over technical SEO
We further develop the technical search engine optimization and make sure your website maintains a good standard.


Strategies over other impacts
We keep your website up-to-date with any future developments of search engine optimization guidelines in order to maintain the same quality and performance standard.

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Boost your search engine optimization with our free SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization can be a complex and difficult task if one is to do it oneself without the help of various SEO tools. At AdNIKA we use the industry’s best tools and above all our own which we list below. These SEO tools have helped us very much both for own SEO and for our customers’.
AdNIKA SEO Tools-Google preview

Google preview


Get a nice and good insight into what your page can look like on Google by simply optimizing your page’s title and meta description with our Google Preview SEO Tool.

AdNIKA SEO Tools-Create 301 redirect code

Create 301 redirect code


Create your own 301 redirect code to more easily direct visitors and search engines to the right pages of your site with our free 301 redirect SEO tool.

AdNIKA SEO Tools-Create SEO-friendly URLs

Create SEO-friendly URLs


Create your own SEO-friendly URLs so that your visitors and search engines can easily find and share your pages on your site with our free SEO tool.

AdNIKA SEO Tools-Check your 301 redirects

Check your 301 redirects


With our free SEO tool you can easily check what type of redirecting a specific URL has and leads to. Also check broken pages.

AdNIKA SEO Tools- Create structured data

Create structured data


Generate your own structured data code with our free SEO tool. Stand out among the search results of the search engines and get an advantage over your competitors.

SEO Tools-Create UTM code

Create UTM code


Track your campaigns and easily create your tracking code for your campaigns with our free SEO tool. It is simple, neat and user friendly.

Håll koll på hur många tecken och ord du har i din text eller artikel. I vårt kostnadsfria verktyg kan du även se hur många meningar och sökord din text har -

Words and article counter


Keep track of how many characters and words you have in your text or article. In our free tool you can also see how many sentences and keywords your text has.

AdNIKA SEO Tools-Do a quick SEO analysis

Do a quick SEO analysis


Do a free SEO analysis of a single page on your site. This tool checks how well your page performs on search engines. This is also perfect for those who want to work with your own SEO.

Hear from our precious clients!

  • AdNIKA provided us with their Inbound Sales and Marketing solutions through Hubspot. They helped us generate more qualified leads for our sales team, drive website traffic, increase customer engagement, and grow our customer base. AdNIKA is a reliable partner that has always taken our specific goals and needs seriously.
  • Being not only an artist myself, but I also manage a collective of DJs. In order to promote a full-service solution to our clients, we needed a new website that could attract the right traffic and promote the brand. AdNika built and designed our latest website which helped us attract many more customers. I’m very happy! 
    Denise Lopez
    XOXO Agency
  • AdNIKA helped Sea Technology with setting up new digital channels, such as our website, to attract more customers and leverage our brand. We are very satisfied with the results and we will continue with the implementation of lead generation, marketing automation and performance marketing.
  • AdNIKA has helped us plan, implement and optimize ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. AdNIKA is truly committed to Performance Marketing. They provided us with a fantastic dashboard with detailed KPIs that helped us track the campaigns’ performance in real time. AdNIKA also gave us helpful and dedicated support during the whole project, and the campaigns turned out to be a great success. We highly recommend working with AdNIKA’s growth experts.
    Christer Pihlqvist
    Kapi Marketing

We at AdNIKA really breathe digital marketing.

With over 25 years in the industry, we know exactly what you as a customer need, and we can deliver it. Our focus is always on keeping you satisfied with our work and making sure you get the visibility you deserve.

Säg hej till Isac Steinmo - Business Development Manager & Inbound Sales Specialist -

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a variety of techniques and methods used to increase a website’s visibility on the organic search results of search engines. A properly executed SEO job will make your site is found and rank when someone searches for your business or products/services.

It is important to remember that SEO is a long-term job. It is therefore important to continuously optimize your website to improve or maintain your rankings. This will also result in you reaching a permanent placement in the search results.

What does an SEO specialist do?

In order to provide good results, an SEO specialist needs to be able to keep track of conversion optimization, website structure, competition and more. A really good SEO specialist is a hub of knowledge in digital marketing, whether the person is in-house or hired.

As an SEO specialist, you need to gain a huge amount of information and data about your client/company in terms of competitors, marketing and internal structures both in the workplace and online. And if you know how this information can be used correctly, you have the golden egg for successful results.

What is on-page?

On-page optimization refers to working with different SEO techniques on the webpage itself. It can be anything from various technical elements such as programming to writing relevant text content on the website to make it appear as far up as possible in the search results on search engines.

We at AdNIKA place great importance on the fact that the on-page work is well-executed before choosing to place the site in search results.

How long will it take?

A website never becomes “completely search engine optimized and ready”. It is a continuous process that takes time. Many companies buy their websites and think they should automatically appear in the search results. But this does not happen if they do not perform solid and continuous SEO work on their website.

Since search engine optimization is a slow job, it should take about 6-9 months before you can see real results. Sometimes it can go faster depending on how the competition looks.

Can you guarantee placements?

There is no SEO agency in the world that can guarantee placements on individual keywords or search phrases. However, if you are good at search engine optimization then you should be able to guarantee that you as a customer will get better positions than what you already have. Because search engine optimization takes a long time, one should, as an SEO agency, be able to show measurable results through, for example, reports and more. We at AdNIKA always send out regular reports to ensure this.

Through ongoing dialogues and reports, we – together with the customer – can ensure that you get a good result based on the amount of SEO effort and time period that has been agreed on.

What is off-page?

Off-page optimization is when you strengthen a website through various external factors outside the site. This could be, for example, other websites that link to your site.

Our experts look a lot at a website’s link profile and analyze every link it has and whether these are good or not.

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