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Meniga is a software company founded in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2009 which enables people, banks, and businesses to all benefit from the responsible and transparent use of transaction data. Meniga had the objective to aggressively grow in the Nordics and needed to set up the right tools to enable their marketing and sales teams.

They never utilized a marketing automation system before Adnika. Instead, they had relied on simple email marketing tools to connect with their prospects. Meniga sought a solution that would enable them to send the appropriate information to the right people at the right time, as well as strengthen their relationship with their current clients. Since using HubSpot’s Marketing Automation, they’ve increased their leads, customers, revenue, and brand awareness.

Meniga Team, photograph by Meniga


Adnika started working with Meniga at a time when the company was expanding its business in the Nordics and needed to plan its sales and marketing processes and infrastructure in order to successfully achieve its growth ambitions. Meniga also needed to introduce itself in both B2B and B2C markets simultaneously with a brand that was still largely unknown in Sweden. Therefore, they needed support planning and managing marketing campaigns to increase awareness, designing and developing a new website tailored to both markets, and generating qualified leads for its sales team. Furthermore, having just gone through a merger with another Swedish company, Meniga needed to closely align all the teams to common goals and strategies. In order to successfully launch its new business ventures, they needed to achieve all these goals or suffer major financial losses. In other words, the stakes were high as well as the ambitions.

In Search Of A Better Way to Connect And Serve The Clients

Meniga had never utilized marketing automation software before adopting HubSpot. They employed solutions such as Mailchimp to interact with their partners and clients. Meniga also saw that they needed to improve their search rankings and required a comprehensive solution to do so.

Ómar Ómarsson, Marketing Manager at Meniga, explains: “At the time we were facing the problem of needing to interact with different B2B audiences (both banks and private businesses) in a new market. Therefore, we were in great need of an effective website that could deliver the right information to the right type of customer as well as a new CRM system that could separate the different leads”. He adds, “Adnika’s philosophy and the technologies they provide through HubSpot solved the issues we were facing and have been extremely beneficial to our company”.

Implementing A Customer-Centered Marketing And Sales Strategy

Adnika delivered a full growth package which heavily impacted Meniga’s sales and marketing. Our growth experts put into effect a thorough Inbound Methodology that aimed at growing the business by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers.

Firstly, the HubSpot platform was smoothly integrated into Meniga over the course of a few months. The new CRM system enabled an improved alignment between the sales team, the marketing team, and customer support. Adnika also provided their teams with clear performance dashboards to follow the results of their efforts as well as the latest software tools for Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing. This resulted in improved time efficiency and activity planning. It also provided operations managers with a quick, up-to-date, and clear overview of the teams’ performance enabling better managerial decisions.

Then, Meniga collaborated with Adnika to create a website content strategy based on their different consumer profiles and customer journey research. The next step was to produce material that would meet the demands of Meniga’s various audiences. “To become an online point of reference for banks as well as merchants we used a customer-centric approach and relied on a well-structured content strategy,” Ómar adds. Meniga worked hard to optimize their funnel and provide value-added material to their leads at the appropriate times. As a consequence, Meniga is able to achieve more qualified leads and nurture them efficiently building stronger relationships with their customers. Ómar states: “HubSpot’s platform offered everything we wanted in one product. With HubSpot and its powerful marketing automation tools we are able to nurture each client type in a customizable and personalized manner. Furthermore, we can provide our sales team with more quality leads and a clearer picture of our prospects, which had previously evaded us”.

Meniga Team, photograph by Meniga

Meniga uses HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to produce blog entries for their target demographic as well as different landing pages to convert visitors into leads. Within the platform, they also employ SEO capabilities to improve their brand’s reputation by optimizing their content for important search phrases. Workflows enable them to benefit from marketing automation saving their sales and marketing teams a lot of time (which they can now use to focus on closing deals).

Ómar finds HubSpot’s CMS to be straightforward to learn and use on a regular basis. “We can simply manage all of the content production and editing ourselves. We review our KPIs on a regular basis and adjust and update the required personalizations to enhance the client experience”, he continues.

Meniga believes that taking an iterative approach to enhancing their funnel and lead management is critical. They can automate and publish material fast and efficiently. Then they track day-to-day KPIs to see how well they’re doing and decide in real-time whether to keep continuing or pivot to a new idea, which has proven to be a tremendous advantage and boosted conversion rates.

More Sales, Happier Customers And A Strong Brand

Since establishing an inbound strategy and using HubSpot’s technologies, Meniga has achieved fantastic results. In the months following their restructuring, their number of clients rose by 16%, leads by 36%, and income increased by 25%. In addition, we had a 57% increase in conversion rate! They have also improved their capacity to qualify and nurture leads, which has resulted in these kinds of outcomes.

Meniga’s objective moving forward is to continue to improve their service and develop their company in a customer-centric manner. “HubSpot, coupled with Adnika‘s support, will allow us to continually enhance the ROI of our online operations and meet, if not surpass, all of our goals,” Omar concludes.

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