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Marketing Automation Guide

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A step-by-step guide for implementing of Marketing Automation. We answer on everything from automate processes, create lead nurturing to publish the right content, to the right persona at the right time.

Free social media calendar -

Social Media Content Calendar

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Manage and plan your social media
content with a handy calendar guide
and template.

Marketing & Sales Lead Goal Calculator

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A customizable template for calculating & tracking goals with an SLA. To help you ensure sales and marketing alignment at your company.

Free Planning Templates + Guide -

Advertising Plan Kit

[Free Planning Templates + Guide]


It’s time to run your advertising campaign to spread the word on your company, product, or service. But which platforms should you advertise on? Find out in our guide.

Free salesplan template -

Sales Strategy Plan

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Sales departments are doubling down their efforts. Only 18% of buyers trust sales people, meaning that sales teams need to work smarter, not just harder.

Free ecommerce planning kit template -

Ecommerce Planning and Sales Tracking

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Ecommerce businesses need to track sales, conversion rates, and  create go-to-market plans for countless different products. To help you in the process, HubSpot created a specific kit for your ecommerce.

Free Marketing Plan Template

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With so many different marketing and advertising channels, it’s a smart move to equip your marketing team with a plan for what to do and why.

10 Social Media Planning Templates

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Templates to help you manage, optimize, and create more social content. It’s time to optimize your social media marketing efforts.

Content Mapping Template & User Guide -

Content Mapping

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Creating relevant, valuable content is a major tenet of inbound marketing. The content you’re creating should be in line with the goals and challenges of specific segments of your audience. Get started with our guide.

Free Email Marketing Plan Template -

Email Marketing Plan Template

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Whether email marketing is only part of your job or your sole responsibility, every email marketer could use some help planning all the moving parts of email campaigns.

Free Growth Check-up

To begin, we’ll conduct an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your business and identify your growth potential. We will go over your marketing and sales data, look at your customer retention, churn, and growth rate, as well as your current revenue. We will identify if there are problems in your processes that are causing your sales results to lag behind.


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