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The company’s main issue was finding enough leads for their sales team. Permizon had invested in digital ad campaigns but the results had been poor. The main issue faced was not being able to effectively find companies in Sweden that hired international personnel as well as target the right decision-makers within those companies. Majid Ahmadian, Permizon’s CEO, hired Adnika to help the company generate qualified leads for the sales team.

Adnika’s team helped Permizon employ HubSpot’s CRM system, restructure their website with effective landing pages, putting in place automated workflows that could reliably nurture leads, and most importantly implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to construct hyper-focused campaigns. After three months of working to implement the new tools and tactics, Permizon has achieved a 300% increase in the number of qualified leads per month and a 200% increase in monthly revenue.

Permizon in the office, photograph by Permizon


Permizon is a consultancy company that services companies wanting to employ international staff in Sweden by helping their staff apply for work permits. They handle every legal procedure required to do so, allowing their clients to focus on their business while enjoying the benefits of convenient access to skilled employees from anywhere in the world.

Using A Single Platform To Unify Efforts

Inbound marketing had yielded some results for the company. However, their target audience is comprised of big organizations and enterprises which poses the difficulty of addressing certain industries with the very specific requirement for skilled manpower frequently imported from overseas. Majid Ahmadian, Permizon’s CEO, says “We’ve identified a highly targeted market with a compelling value offering. Although inbound marketing is appealing, there is a limit to what inbound and standard outbound marketing can do”. This is why Majid and his team asked Adnika to help them get started with an account-based marketing strategy. The idea was to use hyper-targeted information to target major enterprises via various decision-makers throughout the sales cycle. Prospecting, scoring, nurturing, and selling to many high-value accounts are all part of this strategy.

Majid had begun analyzing numerous ABM platforms but was having difficulty finding a suitable solution because typical ABM platforms were showing to be outdated, with a closed system that prevented them from integrating additional tools. “The options available were far too costly, fragmented, and convoluted, and I had no control over what was going on in their black boxes,” Majid adds. They were invited to try out HubSpot’s new ABM Software by Adnika’s growth gurus. By utilizing HubSpot for their ABM efforts, they were able to execute, test, and track all of their activities using a streamlined user-friendly technology. When compared to other options, they found that using HubSpot’s platform provided a lot of extra value, therefore they determined that this was the best option for them.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing For B2B Sales

Adnika and Permizon decided to execute the first campaign for a specific segment using HubSpot ABM Software features as soon as the new tool was implemented. To allow for a better degree of personalization, the initial ABM campaign was split into two sub-campaigns with some time in between. For the pilot, the team selected a number of international companies, as this was a priority segment for them.

During this inbound campaign, Adnika and the client set tough sales goals for the salespeople while making team cooperation easier than ever before. The Target Accounts tool in HubSpot gives everyone on the team a bird’s-eye view of the progress. “All you have to do is choose your target accounts and have your salespeople fill them with new people, either via LinkedIn Sales Navigator or ZoomInfo. We collect as much data as possible, all contained within HubSpot”, says Majid.

In the two months, the ABM inbound campaign generated a 300% increase in the number of qualified leads per month and a 200% increase in monthly revenue. Despite the fact that the global Covid-19 outbreak had a significant impact on their business, the inbound campaign’s results were mostly positive. The initial work resulted in account revenue that was sufficient to cover the campaign’s investment and more.

Increasing The Effectiveness Of ABM Activities Through Qualified Traffic

Looking ahead, the Permizon team has specific objectives in mind. One of them is a closer relationship between marketing and sales. ABM alignment is a method of bringing teams closer together, understanding each other’s pain points, establishing a smooth handoff process, and collaborating to make the organization stronger. Majid states, “Even though I despise the term “smarketing,” the sales-marketing feedback loop is easier to explain in an ABM setting. Salespeople are directly involved in ensuring that the marketing campaign is as successful as feasible. We’ll definitely look into how we can better connect the marketing and sales efforts to form more trusting cooperation”.

Since using HubSpot, the company has also consolidated most of their customer service into a single sales tool, resulting in more genuine interaction with prospects and users. “You have a single source of information, and we’ve already seen an increase in sales productivity as a result of being able to track tickets and track progress. That, I believe, is a significant advantage. HubSpot’s platform unifies the teams by sharing the same information”, says Majid.

Permizon plans to continue refining its ABM approach over the next six to twelve months through cross-functional collaboration. “Now that we’ve done a lot to generate traffic, we need to focus on identifying and engaging the proper stakeholders who are truly interested in our service.” Permizon will continue to be able to do so using Adnika and HubSpot’s ABM platform.

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