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May 15, 2018
August 19, 2018

9 Advantages Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

1-Cost effectiveness

Based on which method and channel you are used for digital marketing there are various references proof that the digital marketing investment is more cost-effective than digital one .for more information please visit (


There are various and precise methods to track the success or failure of an advertising campaign and with digital. This kind of method makes it easy to connect the dots from an ad buy to the impact on the bottom line. for instance, you can measure the Engagement on social media for your brand and track the success of the implemented campaign.

3-Instant gratification

In a dynamic and fast-moving world, prospects need to experience something instantly and in a first-hand way. Digital marketing, with just a CLICK, help them to discover more information about the product and turn that prospect to the customer immediately. The traditional marketing waste their time without complete satisfaction.

4- Testing

Imagine you are a company with a massive investment in traditional marketing campaigns, you created a brochure then print it and distribute it. How can you measure the effectiveness of this campaign? How can you measure the customer responses to this campaign? On the Internet, getting feedback is lightning fast. In the digital marketing world, you have the ability to test your campaigns and fine-tune messaging. This ability, increase the effectiveness of your campaign and enhance results.

5- Targeting

Targeting is a powerful tool in digital marketing to follow back your specific visitors. It helps you, for example, to target the visitors in a special geographic and reach a niche audience. Brands can gain benefits to reach their prospects on the internet every day at their places. With this tools, advertisers have the ability to send the message to specific groups and identify their traits. To sum up, you have a complete control your visitors, their interests and behavior with efficient time and budget allocated.

6- Constant Exposure

You have the opportunity to access to your audiences 24 hours all over the world.

7- Internet advertising is more responsive to changing conditions. 

Printed media must be changed each time the marketing condition advances or alters. It means that in short time with the massive budget we should change our methods and thoughts and adopt new situation and regain our customer. With internet advertising, responsive changes can happen immediately. In the event that campaigns or advertising do not work well, it can be changed with a couple of minutes of work rather than a couple of days of work, enable a brand to locate the ideal expressing for each targeted demographics. Less downtime equates to more overall exposure.

8- Flexible

Advertising on the internet is fairly flexible, in terms of style and format. You have the various choices such as display ads, videos, images, gifs, interactives, games, and text, Add flash and fun or serious and unimposing to that category.

9-Multiple creatives can be uploaded at once. 

in order to gain the best possible outcome on internet advertising, you can upload multiple version of an ad and measure the effectiveness of each creative. this helps you to determine the required changes in creatives or effectiveness of ads before too many negative comments are achieved!