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Free Growth Health Checkup

To begin, We’ll conduct an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your business and identify your growth potential. We will go over your marketing and sales data, look at your customer retention, churn, and growth rate, as well as your current revenue. We will identify if there are problems in your processes that are causing your sales results to lag behind.

We strive to be quickly and efficiently provide you with the big picture, a bird’s-eye overview of where you are right now, and where you can be.


 Business Goals KPIs  Sales Strategies and Goals  Marketing Strategy and Goals.  Sales and Marketing Alignment.  Technology Stack.  Customer Journey.  Measurement Dashboards.

Our Inbound Solutions

Inbound Marketing

AdNIKA helps you with effective, customer centric, data-driven campaigns where the world of creative content meets measurements and optimization. Drive website traffic, generate leads, track customer engagement, and build brand awareness.


 Lead Generation

 Social Media Marketing

 Search Engine Marketing

 Conversion Rate Optimization

 Smart Retargeting

Inbound Growth 

AdNIKA builds your tailor made growth engine to start advancing towards sustainable growth efficiently. Our automated data-driven growth solution will let you and your teams save time so that you can only focus on hitting your targets.


 Sustainable Growth Planning

 Dashboard Design

 Tracking Pixels

 Demand Generation planning

 Marketing Consultation

Inbound Sales

AdNIKA helps you organize all sales activities in one place, track the progress of your deals, and accelerate your sales cycles towards closure with a truly customer-centric approach. Exceed your customer expectations. Grow your business further.


 Lead Management

 Marketing Automation

 Pipeline Management

 Automate Outreach

 Lead Scoring

Our Performance-Driven Services

Marketing Automation

AdNIKA’s Marketing Automation is automation that goes beyond email. Our drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up entire automated workflows in minutes. We help you automate tasks that span through the entire buyer’s journey so that you can scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks. Automate tasks within: Demand Generation, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing, Lead Generation, Campaign Analysis, Lead Qualification, Sales Effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising will drive leads and sales for your business. Manage your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google ad campaigns with AdNIKA. Target the right audience at the right time and at the right place. Stop hopping between channels: AdNIKA provides you with the Social Media Advertising tools that will help you rule them all.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Maximize your investments on google ads with directed search advertising. AdNIKA delivers quality traffic to your site through Google Ads (SEM). Our experts are certified in just Google Ads and know how to optimize campaigns and build world-class strategies.

Programmatic Advertising

Reach a potential customer in any country. Convert your audience from across the digital world. Amplify your ROI over niche verticals. AdNIKA can help you follow your audience and convert them to new customers with RETARGETING solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

Build your Search Engine Ranking Authority with tools that help you plan your SEO strategy, optimize your content, and measure real return on investment. AdNIKA SEO experts help you plan your content strategy, build search authority, and rise to the Top of Search Results outranking your competitors.

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  • AdNIKA helped Sea Technology with setting up new digital channels, such as our website, to attract more customers and leverage our brand. We are very satisfied with the results and we will continue with the implementation of lead generation, marketing automation and performance marketing.
    Bengt Lundquist

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