Adnika is a digital marketing agency comprising of a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds such as growth hackers, business analysts, marketing managers and technologists who work with you to turn your ideas into powerful concepts & successful projects and makes you be a leading force in your industry.
The company was founded in 2011 in Sweden, to play a role as an outsourced full-service revenue generation vision for our partners. Our agile team brings the technical skill and strategic insight necessary to develop a digital marketing strategy to implement it and drive your real objectives. We strive to ensure your brand stays ahead of the competition not just run ads for you.
We tirelessly collaborate with advertiser and publisher to create a better bridge between them with cutting-edge technologist and solutions. We understand that both sides have different, various or even conflict of interests but we do endeavor be equally catered for in order to have a truly successful network.


The Adnika helps publishers succeed online through connecting Publishers to brands and agencies with under-the-radar, but battle-tested experts, marketing technology, and services We are a technology-driven company. We continuously develop state- of -the -art solutions and technologies to ensure our customers gain the maximum consistent revenue streams possible while maintaining a high-level user engagement. Our publishers are becoming Adnika partner because they believe, receiving maximum earnings from their site, especially with our pop-under solutions, with highest CPM rates in the industry is the SMART goal.


Adnika advertisers have access to a massive selection of premium sites. Adnika’s account managers dedicatedly serve you to ensure the progress of your ad campaign and investment We are with you to fulfill the user acquisition and monetization strategies through providing highly engaged and loyal users, maximizing profitability and increasing brand awareness.
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