Adnika,German Medical Center

German Medical Center Case Study

Creating a successful Growth Marketing Strategy in the Healthcare Sector. Generating new patients for the German Medical Center

Adnika,German Medical Center
Adnika,German Medical Center

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German Medical Center is a Dubai-based specialized healthcare facility with remarkable staff committed to providing top-notch medical services and ensuring a satisfactory experience for our patients.

German Medical Center working with famous Professors and Consultants from many of Germany`s major teaching hospitals who, by specializing in Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology and Andrology, General Surgery and Proctology, Internal and Family Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetology, Neurosurgery, Preventive and Alternative Medicine, Physical Therapy along with Gastroenterology (all within a single, clinically-integrated network), reform all vital aspects of your healthcare.

Adnika,German Medical Center

German Medical Center, photograph by GMC.


Before Adnika, German Medical Center did not have a homogeneous digital presence and a unique coordinated identity. The Clinic had 2 websites, one for organic traffic and the other one for paid traffic, with each one operating autonomously without any alignment. There was a total absence of centralized marketing and communication processes as well as a platform to support them. To tackle this, the German Medical Center sought the help of HubSpot Gold solution partner, Adnika (Iconic Digital).

With their help, the Adnika team mapped all the digital channels and touchpoints used and created a new centralized website. The new website alighted structures across all departments with both English and Arabic language website. Adnika also helped them to create deeply segmented audiences and personalized Google and social media ads to increase awareness, generate more leads and close more deals.

Redefining the German Medical Center’s digital presence also meant planning a lead generation strategy, designing a conversion-oriented website, and creating content for each area of interest. There were also several conversion points strategically placed across the site which allowed interested visitors to convert into leads. As all of these contacts were stored in the centralized HubSpot CRM, German Medical Center could then create personalized communications and create a better customer experience for their audience. Within Four Months of implementation, German Medical Center generated 

  • 287% Increase in Users
  • 294% Increase in Sessions
  • 237% Increase in Engaged sessions
  • 72.81% Total Leads 
  • 45.70% Booked Time
  • 184.29% Qualified Submission Forms

Adopting Adnika Strategies

Since adopting Adnika’s Growth Strategies, German Medical Center has used the following Services:

  • Flywheel Strategy: Using the inbound methodology, German Medical Center could attract, engage, and delight their audiences, and establish a community of promoters who fuel the flywheel, and ultimately — business growth.
  • Landing Pages & Forms: Created TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Landing Pages in Marketing Hub with forms also hosted in HubSpot.
  • Website design: Redesign and built landing pages
  • Blog: Created blog posts to support their Inbound Marketing and SEO strategy
  • Lists: Segmented its audience with lists so that it can send personalized communications to its audience.
  • Workflows: Implemented lead nurturing campaigns via workflows
  • Email Marketing: Sent email marketing campaigns in Marketing Hub
  • Social: Shared resources and content across various social networks.
  • CTA: Implemented CTAs in line with brand identity across strategic points on the website, email, and blog posts.
  • Reports: Reported monthly and quarterly performance with dashboards.

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Adnika,German Medical Center

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