Case Study,Sales and Marketing

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Increases sales and marketing alignment with HubSpot

Case Study,Sales and Marketing
Case Study,Sales and Marketing

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PaceUP! is an IT company that makes physical training more fun, by providing a gamified and social digital platform for companies and individuals, enabling an active and healthy lifestyle. The company needed to generate qualified leads for its B2B branch, bring its marketing and sales team into closer alignment, and scale the company’s double-digit growth. AdNIKA provided HubSpot’s powerful CRM system as well as effective marketing automation and its expertise in managing ad campaigns. Since then, paceUP! has restructured and organized their marketing and sales activities leading to a 400+% growth in their monthly marketing qualified leads, along with a clear insight into their sales pipeline.
Case Study,Sales and Marketing

Paceup, Workout


PaceUP! was founded in 2016 in Sweden and has developed its product tremendously since then. The company has big ambitions and wants to grow and expand beyond the Nordics especially when it comes to the B2B market. Therefore, they tried to gain new business leads through Google Ads and different kinds of ads on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. However, these investments did not turn out to be profitable and no qualified leads were generated. This created a lot of frustration but they still maintained a strong passion for their product and vision. PaceUP! looked for an experienced growth agency that could help them grow not only by improving their marketing efforts but also by setting up their sales cycles and tactics. In other words, Adnika was responsible not only for boosting its website traffic but also for building the company’s growth engine.

Issues Faced

Adnika started by understanding paceUP!’s business and clients. This process included a thorough analysis of paceUP’s marketing and sales practices, their positioning in the market as well as their competitors’. One of the main goals of the analysis was to evaluate the growth potential of the client but also the right strategies to use for initiating their growth journey. Very soon it was clear that paceUP! had great potential but needed to target and engage their audience with the right content, and plan an efficient and effective sales funnel that would nurture their leads all the way to conversion.

One of the issues faced was a lack of proper infrastructure. Before Adnika, PaceUP! was using numerous different tools for its marketing and sales activities. For example, it was using a separate Sales CRM, email marketing software, analytics software, and more. This meant that one of their biggest struggles was to connect their sales and marketing pipelines. Jonathan Kimber, founder, and CEO of paceUP!, told us: “It was difficult to gain a clear picture of what was going on with our advertising across various platforms. Not to mention what was going on with our leads. Tracking campaign results was also a time-consuming and difficult operation, requiring the use of multiple analytical tools to compile data into a single huge excel file.”

A Customizable, Connected And Measurable Lead Generation Machine

Adnika provided paceUP! with a brand new CRM system developed by HubSpot that can scale up with them and help the company achieve its ambitious growth goals. The new infrastructure enabled paceUP! to align its sales and marketing funnels and to be able to see each leads’ full contact history, source, status, and qualification. Moreover, Adnika re-designed the landing page on their website to increase the number of leads it converts, set up automated emails to nurture leads, and built workflows to automate each leads’ status while creating automated tasks for the sales teams to follow up. They also set up lead scoring to help them identify “hot” leads and automatically send them to sales.

It did not take long before paceUP! was up and running with HubSpot. PaceUP!s CEO and founder, Jonathan, says, “Ehsan was an amazing implementation specialist leading the whole process. He knew the solution inside out, answered all our technical questions, and helped us migrate our contacts from our old CRM to HubSpot.” PaceUP! remodeled its entire lead generation process with HubSpot. Jonathan adds, “HubSpot has enabled us to bridge the gap between sales and marketing to be able to work together as one team towards one goal.” Armed with HubSpot’s reporting capabilities, now paceUP!s marketing and sales teams can see the company’s entire pipeline performance at a glance, which empowers them to identify which areas to tweak and improve. Jonathan explains, “We can now tell where leads come from, when they turn into opportunities, and when they eventually turn into a sale. This transparency improves the organization as a whole”.

Buyer Personas, Deep Targeting And Traffic Generation

In order to target the right clients and tailor the communication, Adnika defined their ideal customer types and provided some buyer personas to utilize for content marketing. Adnika also provided valuable insights to revamp the client’s website with the goal to improve navigation, communication, and especially conversion.

Adnika’s content specialists and Inbound Marketers crafted ad-copy and targeting strategies that were tailored to the ideal customers paceUP! was trying to attract. Google Search Ads, as well as Social Media Marketing campaigns, were used to increase awareness but also to generate more qualified traffic to the website. The performance of the paid ads was followed closely and was then optimized on a monthly basis by improving keywords, targeting strategies, and analyzing the competition.

The Results: Generating More Leads And Unlocking New Growth

Having provided and set up the right infrastructure, paceUP!s growth machine started delivering results quite soon. By driving the right traffic to the website and by using marketing automation they nurtured and managed leads efficiently. Hot-nurtured-qualified leads were delivered to the sales team which closed the deals. PaceUP’s lead generation grew approximately 400% in only 6 months and Adnika was a crucial partner in achieving this result.

Jonathan says, “We started collaborating with Adnika to find new ways to increase our qualified leads. From the start, we were impressed by their attention to detail and genuine desire to learn about our company before they took on our goals. They had very solid strategic recommendations going into our engagement, listened to where we wanted to go (and our concerns), and – above all – executed. They have continually increased the quality and quantity of our qualified leads. Since their support started we have taken on several new important clients. Adnika is not an “agency,” they are a partner vested in our success. They took the time to really understand our business, market, technology, and needs. They are trusted advisors who operate with integrity and commitment”.

Adnika still continues to support paceUP’s growth which has big goals for the future. PaceUP! has now expanded into the French and Singaporean markets. Jonathan says, “We intend to keep growing at our current rate, if not faster!”

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Case Study,Sales and Marketing

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