Why Growth?

Growth gives you results. Results give you mussels to build business, teams, strategies, quite simply to GROW. Regardless of B2B | H2H | B2C Growth is a mindset. AdNIka helps you and your teams to create new routines, breaking down the silos might seems like an easy thing to do. It's not. With AdNIKA's creative Data Hub we help your comany to set up agile and dynamic teams - without having to re-organize the whole company. See it as a start on your Growth Joueny. Data is the fuel and the process to analyzie the data and then decide what to do with the outcome - that's when Growth happens. AdNIKA helps you to test, to measure, to think outside the box and we give you valuable knowledge on how to be one step ahead of your customers. "Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, and CRM tools are powerful alone — but they’re even better together with a growth mindset.

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Growth Mindset

Growth happens when each channel is optimized to reach common goals. It is a Mind-set. Each part of an organization needs to see the same North Star. The star can look different depending on department, but still the same star in different versions. Aligned, optimized, goal oriented and tracked - with a creative twist plus some secret sauce is what you need to get Growth. It’s a combo of tech, creativity, breaking down of Silos, Mindset and will power that will get you where you want to go. Passion is the secret sauce btw :).

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Growth Funnel-AdNIKA

Growth Funnel

A funnel. A Growth Funnel. You can have it too. We will implement and create a Growth Funnel for you following these steps. We don't guess. We measure, test and optimize. Start your Growth Journey with Adnika!
1: Awareness (People know you)
2: Acqusition (Visitors are identified)
3: Activation (Great 1st time experience)
4. Retention (Users come back)
5. Revenue (Users’ behavior generates revenue)
6. Referral (Users bring new users)

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