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Privacy Policy Revision Date: 2nd December 2018 Your privacy is very important to us. Due to the purpose of its business model, Adnika AB (hereinafter referred to as “Adnika”) are concerned with the collection, processing and use of personal data. We have prepared this Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use, protect, and share information when you are served an advertisement from or use sites where the Adnika advertising technologies and services (“Ad Network“) are used and when you use the Adnika web site (“Site“). This Privacy Policy also explains your choices for managing your information preferences. This Privacy Policy applies to all: Internet Users who are served advertisements from the Ad Network (“User“); web site publishers that use our Ad Network (“Publishers“); advertisers that use our Ad Network (“Advertisers“); and any person that visits our Site. AD NETWORK Privacy policy This privacy policy applies to the display advertising served by Adnika through its ad server technology. For more details or to contact our organization, please use the information in the footer of this site. Adnika never stores any personal data from Users visiting the site or that are exposed to Advertiser’s ads in the ad network. Personal data are protected by the data protection directive of the EU. Adnika observe these regulations and thus respects the individual‘s right of personality and his/her right to protection of privacy. Adnika wants to justify the confidence the Users have in its online services and makes the ascertainment, processing and use of personal data transparent for its Users by giving them the following information. 1. Whilst visiting our website(s) You can visit our website without providing personal information. As a standard procedure, our web servers temporarily record the connection data of the enquiring computer, which of our web pages you visit, the date and duration of the visit, the identification data of the browser and operating system used as well as the website from which you reach us. We may use tracking software to determine the frequency of use and the number of Users of our website. This software is not used to collect personal data or IP addresses. The data is used exclusively in anonymous and summarized form for statistical purposes and for the development of the website. No other personal data – such as your name, your address, your telephone number or e-mail address – is collected, unless you provide this information voluntarily. We also collect further personal data if you conclude a contract with us and register via our website in this respect or in connection with any such contract. The personal data collected in this context can be seen from the registration form that we provide via our website. 2. Whilst interacting with advertising managed by us. Adnika serve ads in favor of advertisers (clients) in various channels such as Google (Doubleclick) Ad Network(s) and in Adnika’s own network of associated websites. In mere advertising contacts with the User (e. g. serving banner impressions on a website) Adnika does not automatically collect or process any personal data. Only non-personal data – such as information on the server via which the User has logged on to the Internet, the browser which is used and if the User clicks on the banner – all this is recorded anonymously. No data is collected by Adnika to conduct online behavioral advertising. However, the information is used to make real-time decisions on suitable ads for the User given our advertisers’ and medias’ preferences and advertising objectives. 3. Cookies Adnika ad serving technology use cookies to optimize the use of the Internet for their Users by a reduced repetition of advertising and an increased share of relevant contents. Only “Non-Personally Identifiable Information” meaning no personal data are collected by means of the cookies and all Users are anonymous. Name, IP address or other information concerning Users’ real identity are not stored and Adnika do not create any individual profiles concerning Users’ use patterns. Cookies dropped by Adnika are named under the domains “” and/or “”. The use of cookies, however, is not indispensable to Adnika. Therefore, the User can deactivate the cookie function at any time by changing the preferences of his/her Internet browser. Under Tools/Internet Options in your respective browser you can deactivate the storing of cookies from Adnika (cookie domain is “” and “”, limit this to specific websites or set your browser such that it informs you as soon as a cookie is sent. You can also delete cookies from the hard drive of your PC at any time. The cookies might be used for: Frequency capping (limits the numbers of times a User gets exposed to a specific ad campaign). Third party vendors, including Google/Doubleclick Content and Display Network, show Adnika’s ads on sites on the internet. Third party vendors, including Google Google/Doubleclick Content and Display Network, use cookies to serve ads based on a User’s prior visits to 3rd party websites. All cookie-based targeting (except frequency capping) can be opted out from by following these links: Click here to Opt OUT of Google Content Network For opting out of Dynamic Remarketing Ads click here to visit the Teracent opt-out page Click here to visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page Please note, however, that when so doing you must reckon with restricted presentation of the site and limited User guidance. If you need any help with this, please contact us at the email address below. THIRD PARTY WEB SITES The Site may contain links to web sites or content operated and maintained by third parties, over which we have no control. You access such third-party web sites or content at your own risk. You should always read the privacy policy of a third-party web site before disclosing any information to the web site. 4. Protection Adnika are bound by law to take the technical and organizational measures which are necessary to guarantee the protection of the personal data, i. e. in particular to protect these data from unauthorized access and unauthorized processing. All data processing programs and facilities have password protection and operate using encoding technology which is present state of the art. If Adnika use any external server or service provider for the storage of the User data, Adnika will make sure that they are committed to at least the same data protection standard as Adnika themselves. The employees of Adnika are obligated to preserve data secrecy and data protection. This obligation includes, among other things, the fact that the employees may only process and use the personal data to such an extent which is necessary within the scope of contractual or quasi-contractual relationships, or in so far as the User has given his consent to the use of his/her data for the respective purposes. Any personal data which are no longer needed for the fulfillment of contractual obligations by Adnika and/or for the processing and use of which there is no (more) consent from User, will be deleted in such a way that any abuse can be ruled out. In certain cases prescribed by law (e.g. statutory periods of keeping), Users’ data can be blocked instead of being deleted. If you have any questions concerning our Data Privacy Policy, or if you want to exercise your right to information, deletion or locking, please do not hesitate to email us at: info(at)
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